Darwin Ho!

Sunday 28th September 2014 Day 20

A fairly early rise allowed us to complete the packing and after a breakfast of coffee and biscuits we called a taxi to take us for a drive past of the sights of Port Moresby. We had already seen the north-west sector and now headed south east through the hills, with their squatter settlements, a local market, past numerous churches packed with worshippers and the Sunny Bunny nursery and down the hill towards the port. The driver was able to take us to a vantage point overlooking the bay with the port, yacht club and in the distance the oil refinery and a local village with houses on stilts built into the bay. The return route took us through the upper class residential zone and through the CBD with a series of undistinguished high rise towers.

Back at the hotel we checked out and had a coffee while we waited for the shuttle. As the night before this consisted of a very posh car which dropped us at International departures. Check in was painless but the queue for emigration less so. As we sat at the departure gate we dined on the remnants of the previous night’s pizza and crisps. Who says we do not know how to enjoy ourselves.

The flight to Sydney was straightforward but by our arrival both of were suffering from upset stomachs. A Vodaphone stall offered access to mobile technology in Australia and we bought a pre-paid sim card. Transfer to the Darwin flight was managed airside and therefore fairly simple and Eric managed to catch the Qantas duty customer care manager to discuss our ongoing problems over the rearranged itinerary, forcing to travel three times as far, and the unauthorised charge to Eric’s credit card.

Thankfully the flight was uneventful, apart from numerous visits to the toilet (we will spare our readers’ blushes – more details on request). There were no hassles at Darwin airport and we swiftly found a taxi to get us to the hotel, where we collapsed into bed.

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