Normal service will be resumed ……

Saturday was very much the morning after the night before and we enjoyed a leisurely start, with a very relaxing swim and some sunbathing. Having proved that we were on a holiday and not a fieldtrip we decided to end our time in Singapore with a visit to the Botanic gardens. One short taxi rise later we were dropped at the Nassim gate and explored the Evolution and Healing gardens before reaching Symphony Lake and Palm Valley. The weather became increasingly threatening with darkening skies and squally winds and as we arrived at the National Orchid garden we decided that lunch might be a useful option to shelter during the inevitable downpour. Selecting the nearest restaurant we ordered a brunch (good old fry up) and sat out a good hour of torrential rain.

Feeling that the rain was slackening we ventured out amongst the orchids, braving the ongoing rain. Having enjoyed the wide array of blooms we headed for the Tanglin gate, enjoying the well planned plantings,

On our return to Becky’s we packed, said our farewells and headed to Changi airport. Near the check in we marvelled at the kinetic rain sculptures as we waited for the desk to open. Lulled into a false sense of security by the speed we entered the departure lounge we enjoyed a quiet snack before finding out that the real security measures were at the gate.

The flight to Port Moresby was more than a little bumpy, but the 6 hours passed quickly, aided by sleep. Landing at 5pm it took an hour to pass through immigration and customs. The drive to protect vegetation against imported disease has generated a very strict quarantine regime controlling import of plant and food materials.

The hotel shuttle was efficient and we spent a few hours dozing by the pool as our room was not ready. Feeling rested we took a taxi to Port Moresby Botanic and Zoological Garden, where we enjoyed the tree kangaroos, cassowarys and crested pigeons. We then spent a quiet afternoon and evening.

This will be the last posting for a week until we return to the Airways Hotel next Saturday.

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