Lost in disembarkation

Losing a spouse, albeit for a short time, is a talent which seems to need little practice. Between Eric joining the flow of humanity in the starboard aisle of the Boeing 777 at Dubai’s terminal B and standing at the exit door to wait for Joyce was the matter of a minute, yet after 5 minutes there was still no sign of Joyce. Realising there were two exits operating Eric transferred to the top of the ramp, yet still no sign. Standing disconsolately amid the flow of eager travellers was the trip over before it had really begun? Thankfully, before black despair really set in Joyce appeared from the opposite direction having thought that Eric had, in his indomitable fashion, breezed onwards, giving her no heed. She therefore resolutely marched towards the transit lounge, but with no sign of her husband ahead, returned towards the plane to be reunited.

The day had started so well, with a lie in and breakfast in bed (hot cross buns and coffee). Final arrangement possessions followed, then the shuttle bus to the North Terminal and the Emirate’s check in desk. There were the usual worries about weighing of hand luggage but in the event these proved groundless, perhaps because our checked baggage was well within the 30kg limit. Contingency plans were in place, as Jenny Hall had reminded Joyce ‘pockets are very useful’ and these had been used to good effect. There is little to be said about the exotic delights of Gatwick, the best that can be said is that the wait for the flight was relatively painless.

Although take off was delayed for 30 minutes we made good time and landed just after the published time of 00:25. The service on Emirates was excellent and the flight was very comfortable. We are very impressed with the air terminal and we are now at gate B11 ready to board the flight for Kuala Lumpur, due to depart at 02:40.


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