KL capers (1)

The second flight, departing more or less on time, proved to be as comfortable and uneventful as the first. The entertainment system allowed us to catch up with more recently released films. We were able to see the dawn come up like thunder out of India cross the Arabian Sea before the blinds were pulled, which then allowed the possibility of some sleep. Crossing India generated some interesting turbulence which persisted across the Indian Ocean and into breakfast time. We landed at 2.oopm and Kuala Lumpur International airport proved easy to navigate and including a train journey from where we landed to the arrivals hall. Immigration was very efficient and our bags were by the carousel when we reached it.

We had discussed the relative merits of the different ways of reaching the Geo Hotel from the airport. We had chosen a location on the edge of the old city centre, close to a metro station at Pasar Seni which linked to the KLIA Expres line, with the aim of letting the train take the strain but in the end the door to door convenience of a taxi won out and we were safely delivered to our hotel by 4.00pm.

After a necessary pause for a seniors’ siesta and light refreshment we decided to explore the immediate vicinity and find somewhere for dinner. The hotel is very convenient for a plethora of street vendors, all keen to offer the latest films or designer gear. We passed the Art Deco central market, the Masjid Jamek alongside the Klang river and found our way to Petaling street in Chinatown, where we enjoyed noodles and lemon chicken in a pleasant restaurant. We were back at the hotel by 9.00pm and bed beckoned. We do need to rest our body clocks, having taken a quarter turn around the globe and having flown over 11,300 km.



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One Response to KL capers (1)

  1. Clare Jeens says:

    I am taking great pleasure in discovering the differences in the two narrative voices! Dad – I think I have now tutored too many reports not to be able to recognise some of your ‘dad-isms’!! Glad you’re having a good journey in and wahoo to lemon chicken!

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