Closing the circle

Final route

Final route

In the last few weeks planning had slowed to a crawl as we dealt with attempts to rent the Priors and the run up to Eric’s retirement. Having reached the end of term we were finally able to make the key decision as how to return home from Santiago. After much research we decided to spend a few days in Santiago then fly to Panama before travelling via Lisbon to home, thus closing the circle.

Planning the trip has however not been without its complications. We have already had two itinerary changes forced on us by airlines changing their arrangements, despite having bought the tickets six months ago. In Papua New Guinea we have had to book an alternative airline and in Australia Qantas managed to change the Cairns to Darwin flight times, giving us only 5 minutes to make the connection. We are now travelling via Sydney, doubling our travel time. However despite these set backs we are pleased with the flow of the trip.

We are now have only 23 nights of accommodation to arrange and have booked the majority of the local tours. We now await a tenant!




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One Response to Closing the circle

  1. Clare Jeens says:

    I am reassured that all of the lines over the big blue patches are red… 😉 as much as Joyce was fancying an 8day stint on a liner! Wonderful (and very envy inducing) plans are forming and Ed and I are particularly pleased to have been able to recommend some top spots New Zealand wards!

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